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Boards obtained from brand new TVs dismantled due to having broken panels.

Coppell TV Repair LLC offers you main board BN96-28946A / BN97-07412A as shown on the picture and used in Samsung UN50EH5000FXZA LED TV.

This listing is for ONE board.

The boards we sell come from brand new TVs we purchased in bulk in late 2015 from national retailer that had liquidated them due to broken screens; all came in original boxes and most had manufacturing dates from a few months earlier.

Those boards had NEVER worked.

Your biggest risk in buying such a board is that you may not need it since it was power or LED strips that had failed and not the main board.

As such you are solely responsible for determining if you actually need a board or not and you are also responsible for transaction costs in case it turns out you do not need a board.
Here are some tips to help reduce your risks of making incorrect assumption:

1) If the TV starts fine, but the HDMI inputs do not work then most likely this is the board you need;

2) If the TV does not want to start at all then disconnect the cable between this board and the main power supply board; if the lights come up through the holes at the back of the panel then it is most likely than this is the board you need;

3) If you disconnect the main board from the power and the lights do NOT come up then the main board MAY still be bad, but it is not likely; what is certain is that either the power board OR the LED strips have gone bad and this should be treated first.