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55.50T12.C09 / TX-5550T12C09 NEW T-CON FOR SAMSUNG UN50EH5300FXZA UN50H5203AFXZA

Unused TCON board from brand new TV dismantled for parts.

Coppell TV Repair LLC offers you T-CON  board 55.50T12.C09 as shown on the picture and used in Samsung UN50EH5000FXZA, Samsung UN50H5203AFXZA and possibly other LED TV models.

This listing is for ONE board.

The boards we sell come from brand new TVs we purchased in bulk in late 2015 from national retailer that had liquidated them due to broken screens; all came in original boxes and most had manufacturing dates from a few months earlier.

Those boards had NEVER worked.

Your biggest risk in buying such a board is that you may decide that you need one when it was actually panel or other module in the TV that has failed.

There is no easy way to identify with certainty when a TCON is bad other than seeing burned components on it.

All in all TCON boards tend to fail less than panels and main boards, which is to say it is statistically LESS likely that you need this board compared to others in your set.

As such you are solely responsible for determining if you actually need a board or not and you are also responsible for transaction costs in case it turns out you do not need a board.

Returns will be accepted, but at your expense; we have boards for exchange and just like any other vendor on eBay we would not like to sponsor people experimenting with kindly please take responsibility for your actions when ordering replacement parts!