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Consulting service - remote, level 1 (basic)

Get answers to two questions you have in regards to a problem you have with your television.

Coppell TV Repair offers you remote diagnostic consultations for a flat rate.

This basic version is aimed at laymen and moderate technical level end users looking to save time and reduce the risk of getting incorrect information through free public resources.

IMPORTANT: We do not recommend buying our consulting services prior to contacting us with a particular problem details. There is a great number of issues we are not prepared to handle and you can save both of us time and money by using the new consulting service form to give us a chance to decide if we can be of help.

Example questions are "what do you think is wrong with my TV" , "what is a bullpark cost to repair that problem", "is it worth repairing", "should i repair or replace", "do you think it is the power supply board" etc.

Of course in all of those cases we should have some basic information to make at least an educated guess; such information is requested at the new service form.

All in all you can't get a lot of time and attention for a simple low cost, so we are limiting the service to answers to two basic questions on your end.

Communication will be done over email or phone, the email being preferred as it allows for time for research if it is necessary.

We may need ask for information which we need in order to provide you better answers.

You must realize is that what you will get most of the time is just an educated guess based on our experience.

The nature of the repair business - not just TVs, but any other - is such that you'd often not know what the exact problem is until you've done 60% of solving it, meaning a complete and proper diagnostic is near half of the price of a full repair.

If this does not sound like a fair deal to you then please do not buy it.