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Consulting service - remote, level 2 (advanced)

Get 20 minutes of expert opinion on a problem you are facing diagnosing or fixing a TV. Restrictions apply, please read listing before purchasing!

Coppell TV Repair offers you remote diagnostic consultations for a flat rate.

This advanced version is appropriate for users ranging from laymen wondering if it would be better to repair or trash a TV that has just failed to electronics savvy DIY-ers seeking a little bit of help from someone with experience with that particular TV model or board design.

IMPORTANT: We do not recommend buying our consultation services prior to contacting us with a particular problem details. There is a great number of issues we are not prepared to handle and you can save both of us time and money by using the new diagnostic service form to give us a chance to decide if we can be of help.

For your money you will get 20 minutes of time - all at once or by pieces over phone or email - from someone at Coppell TV Repair with experience with the TV set or module you have or (context specific) with the situation you are in.

We do not split the second and you may often get more time than advertised.

The bigger risk is that you may get answers that you do not like or you may get an answer that we can not answer a particular question.

Knowledge and expertise are hard to evaluate because they are very context specific and the value of particular information can be very different depending on who does it go to. We do not want to train our competitors , but also do not want to judge if the person on the other side is a curious DIY-er or a hidden competitor.

So there are questions we may not want to answer and if so we will state it clearly.

If, along the session, we get the feeling that we can't help the problem we will be the first to offer a refund ranging anywhere from 20% to 80% of the paid amount.

If you approach the session with realistic expectations - specifically 1) this isn't a lot of money for a personalized attention from an experienced technician; 2) we can't possibly know everything, we just do our best to help; and 3) you may not like what you hear, but it does not mean it is not the best we know - you should hopefully take out some valuable stuff.

The nature of the repair business - not just TVs, but any other - is such that you'd often not know what the exact problem is until you've done 60% of solving it, meaning a complete and proper diagnostic is near half of the price of a full repair.

If this does not sound like a fair deal to you then please do not buy it.