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A pair of buffer boards to replace your failed upper and lower HITACHI buffers FPF46R-SDR61221 and FPF46R-SDR61231.

Coppell TV Repair LLC offers you a set of upper and lower buffer board replacements for FPF46R-SDR61221 (SDR-U) and FPF46R-SDR61231 (SDR-D).

The upper board has JP6122 stamped on it and the lower has JP6123.

Each buffer board has six ICs on it. Make sure your own buffers also have six ICs (and not eight) before placing an order!

Sustain buffers (also called scan drivers) are a known source of troubles for most plasma TVs and the Hitachi series are not an exception.

A replacement set of buffers will keep the TV running for years to come, but you must be certain that the sustain board that drives them is also functional or you risk damaging them too!

The boards you will receive may be new (or sold to us as new and without visible traces of repair) or serviced and tested; if serviced there will be one or more ICs replaced on at least one of the buffer boards and it will show due to the different silicone used to insulate the IC's solder joints.

If you like we may make a video showing boards working in a testing set proior to shipping them. It will be $5 more.


Normally ships within 1 business day. Unexpected delays may occur, but if we can't ship within 3 business days we will contact you or/and cancel the order.

We try to ship every business day M-F and, for USPS shipments, Saturday as well.

Items under 14 oz are normally shipped with USPS First Class mail unless other option was available and chosen during checkout.

Packages of 1 lb. and above are shipped USPS Priority, FedEx Ground/Home, subject to our decision.

ATTENTION INTERNATIONAL CUSTOMERS: If your order is accepted by our store and your address is outside United States you may not be able to track package delivery progress once it leaves the country. The United States Postal Service (USPS) does not provide tracking information to some countries unless the shipment is the most expensive Express type, which is usually too expensive to justify using. You can accept that condition and strip Coppell TV Repair LLC of responsibility to the delivery status of your package provided we show it was shipped and processed by a courier in a timely manner. Or you can contact us prior to ordering and inquiry for delivery confirmation shipping method, which, again, usually costs an arm and a leg compared to the simple USPS First Class shipping.


Unless otherwise explicitly stated elsewhere in the listing the boards we sell come with a standard 90 days warranty.

Customer is responsible for return shipping and Coppell TV Repair LLC is responsible for shipping back to customer. Returned boards subject to exchange, service or refund, subject to availability and agreement by Coppell TV Repair LLC and customer.

Returned boards must carry the Coppell TV Repair LLC identification stamp or label and must not have been damaged, modified or otherwise tampered with in order for warranty coverage to remain in force.

Boards returned with request for refund / order cancellation will be subject to restocking fee covering forward shipping cost, transaction cost and $10 fee for the board testing needed prior to slating it for sale again.