Modules in this category come from TVs dismantled for parts or obtained from other vendors through a similar scenario. Sometimes we can test and ensure boards are working while other times that is not possible - be it because of the TV condition or because the board came from another source. Read the listing to learn most about what you are buying!

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BN97-0654A / BN94-055490 main board for Samsung UN55EH6000F

This is the main board from a brand new Samsung UN55EH6000F with broken display.

BN97-07994A / BN95-01336A T-CON Samsung UN60H6203AFXZA / UN60H6300 - UN60H6350 series - tested, working

This is the T-CON from a Samsung UN60H6203AFXZA LED TV with bad display.

LJ92-01680A / LJ41-06755A buffer for Samsung PN50C550G1F / PN50C450B1D / PN50C430A1D - tested, $40 for old dud

Buffer board BN96-16519A obtained from another vendor. Bench tested and seemingly good.

LJ92-01684A LJ41-07009A plasma main logic board from SAMSUNG PN58C6400TF

This is the plasma main logic board from a brand new Samsung PN58C6400 with broken display.

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