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Repair kit for Sceptre X37SV-KOMODO bad power supply board causing dead TV, not turning on

This is a repair kit for a problem commonly developed by power / inverter board FSP270-4M02 / 3BS0134113GP used in a number of SCEPTRE X37SV-KOMODO LCD TV models.

Coppell TV Repair offers you a repair kit for a problem commonly developed in SCEPTRE X37SV-KOMODO power supply board  FSP270-4M02 / 3BS0134113GP and causing a dead set not willing to power on.

Failure symptoms, repair task difficulty level and other related and important information can be found below.

As with all repairs please note that we can not guarantee that this kit is all that is needed to fix the TV. It is offered based on experience and technical information available to Coppell TV Repair at the time of the listing. For details please see the warranty conditions section below.

SKU Number: CTVRL-NO-PB-0059.

Failure symptoms

Please note: Every failure has a component of randomness in it and as such you should be aware that failure symptoms may vary from one case to another. Sometimes the same components may fail in a different way and have a different manifestation of the failure. The opposite is also possible - the same visible symptoms may be caused by some very different failures.

A typical symptom of a failed power / inverter board FSP270-4M02 that is addressed by this repair kit is a completely dead TV (no front LED, no response to any command), delayed response to turn on command (or a few attempts to get it on) or just a momentary flash of the front LED before shutting the TV back down.

Kit contents

Kit contains the following components:

CS101, CS104, CS105, CS106, CS102, CS103, C117, C208 and C209.

Contents may change as we gain more experience and see other commonly failed components and this listing may not necessarily be timely updated.

All parts in the kit are brand new. We use the same kit in our own repair facility.

Difficulty level

Basic to intermediate soldering skills level and consumer electronics grade soldering iron required to perform the repairs.

Shipping and handling

The free shipping and handling included in the price uses USPS First Class package within USA and possibly Canada.


We do not offer warranty for the components on the kit once you use any of them on a board.
We offer repair services for the board and when we do we give warranty on the final result.

1) As with all power boards please exercise caution and allow the board 5-10 minutes after disconnecting from power before starting to work on it!