About Us

Coppell TV Repair LLC was started in 2008 as a hobby project due to the demand and the apparent lack of expertise and offerings for repair services for the then hot-and-expensive plasma TVs.

For several years we were practically the only service facility in the USA (that we knew of) that offered mail-in repairs for LG and Samsung plasma TV power boards, sustain boards and buffer boards.

Today we are a component level electronics repair company with a focus on TVs, but occasionally we take on other appliances as well (see below).

The bulk of our business comes from individuals and enterprises - mostly small repair shops around the country - who are unable to find board replacement or not willing to pay the high prices asked for commonly failing boards by the official or unofficial channels.

It is important to state that we can not take on just about any board and appliance that is sent our way. Every board (or rather family of boards) are somewhat unique and it takes time and money to be able to reverse engineer essential testing points and ways of operation, identify and source parts (each can be equally challenging or sometimes flat out impossible) etc. etc.
So with the exception of power supply boards you should only consider us a predictable vendor for repairs already listed explicitly at the website.

Whenever possible we also try to offer new or in-house serviced and tested modules that can be directly purchased. Typically we'd put a higher than normal price on those, but offer to buy back the old defective module (trade-in / CORE service - from Cash On REturn).
The trade-in services are historically proven to usually end up dry eventually as there are always people who buy boards without sending anything back or send back something so badly damaged it is beyond repair.

Lastly, we offer some parts and DIY repair kits based on our first hand experience in repairs, which would allow the more technically savvy users to get things done faster and at a lower cost than the above two options could offer, but at the cost of investing their time, expertise and ultimately responsibility for the repair outcome.

We maintain a large number of testing jigs in the shop (mostly, but not always actual TVs), allowing us to live-test the modules we advertise repair services for.

We also maintain a YouTube channel where functionality proofs and sometimes tips for repairs are posted.

Local individuals and businesses, including other local TV repair shops, are welcome to drop off parts or whole TVs for diagnosing and repair.

We do our best to maintain flat rate services where customers know upfront what are they putting on the table and what they are expecting to get for it.

At this time we only offer repairs at our facility and do not offer service calls (some very rare exceptions apply for business specific purposes).

Walk-in TV repairs in particular start with a $40 flat rate diagnostic fee. That covers our physcal time with the customer and the appliance to decide what is wrong with it and put a number on the repair.

Board repairs - be it walk-in or mail-in - do not carry such a fee however if a board ends up being tested in a live set and is found functional and not needing repair we do charge about $20 fee.

Presently we do not offer service calls to your address, sorry. We may do in the future.

The nearest electronics shop that would come to you is City Electronics in Lewisville. You can reach them at 972-353-9690 and find out more. They are entirely separate business from us.

We try to stay within our field of expertise, but occasionally help with side projects like broken USB stick data recovery, broken satellite antenna connector, factory automation tablet repair, GE Mac 5500 EKG repair etc.

If you have such a project free to contact us, but please respect our decision on whether to take on a project regardless of how important (or easy) it may feel to you!

Disclaimer: we are not "authoried" by any major brand. If you are looking for authorized shop that is not us.
Only we have done a lot of work for authorized shops for Vizio, Samsung, LG and Sony.

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